Coffeeneuring is a delightful cycling challenge that is derived from Randonneuring. My wife and I have been participating for a number of years now, and this year we opted to do a fully international themed set of rides.

Coffeeneur #1 — La Flor De Izucar — 10/9/2022

This Mexican bakery is one of our favorite staple destinations when we head south to Sunset Park. We got conchas and sesame pasteles, and for the beverage we got champurrado (a hot chocolate/masa concoction).

Total mileage: 6.87 miles
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Coffeeneur #2 — Dragon Bay Bakery — 10/15/2022

For our second outing, we biked down to Borough Park (sort of the opposite end of Sunset Park) for Chinese buns and coffee.

Total mileage: 10.23 miles
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Coffeeneur #3 — Smør — 10/23/2022

For our third outing we opted for nordic pastries (kaneballe) and coffee. We managed to gargoyle ourselves a table, which is good because the sausage egg and cheese sandwich with tarragon aioli was IMMENSE.

Total mileage: 13.18 miles
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Coffeeneur #4 — Caffe Reggio — 10/29/2022

Touting itself as the first place in the US to serve cappuccino, this west village standby opened in 1927. We had a pair of egg dishes and cannoli to go with our cappuccinos.

Total mileage: 15.50 miles
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Coffeeneur #5 — Cafe Turkiye — 11/4/2022

As we dipped into November, we headed up to Astoria for Turkish coffee and snacks. Of particular note was the kazandibi, an amazing dessert which I can only describe as a cross between rice pudding, flan, and creme brulée. Lots of cinnamon on top, and much thicker and dryer than any of these comparisons suggest.

Total mileage: 20.23 miles
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2022 Coffeeneur #6 — Kopitiam — 11/12/2022

Malaysian food is some of my favorite in the world. Its intense flavors, wild textures, and bright mix of acid and spices make my mouth very happy. I had Penang Coffee, which is evaporated milk plus “white” coffee which is apparently roasted at low temperatures for a long time. The dish shown here is Nasi Lemak, which is ikan bilis (fried anchovies and peanuts) over rice, with cucumber and house made sambal sauce.

Total mileage: 11.68 miles
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Coffeeneur #7 — Dosa Royale — 11/18/2022

Brrrr! Today’s trip was to Dosa Royale, in Fort Greene for Masala Chai and Dosas. The shortest of our rides, we found that we could fit it in before the weekend and the later discovered that a blizzard is expected to blow through over the weekend… so today was very much the best timing. But the icy winds also showed us that we needed to actually break out the cold-weather gear.

Total mileage: 4.11 miles
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