Life updates

  • Buffalo to Brooklyn

    Buffalo to Brooklyn

    Over eight days in June, I rode my bike from Buffalo to Brooklyn along the Erie Canal on New York’s Empire Trail. The distances covered ranged from 50 to 80 miles daily, averaging around the mid-60s. The ride was technically quite easy. Flat terrain, well-marked trails, nothing too difficult. But I got sick on the…

  • Califon 200K

    Califon 200K

    New York City is a very in-between place for Randonneuring. To the east, there are the Long Island Randonneurs whose routes mostly start 30 miles or more from the borders of NYC and to the west (but technically covering NYC) are the New Jersey Randonneurs which broadly cover NJ, but have events within easy commute…

  • Winter Bikepacking trip to Harriman State Park

    Winter Bikepacking trip to Harriman State Park

    This last weekend I had the first opportunity in a long time to go winter bikepacking. I joined a few friends from the NYC-ADV bicycling club for an overnight adventure to Harriman State Park. We took the new north-side path over the George Washington Bridge. The accessibility of this path is miles easier than the…