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Welcome to the Game Lab!
Here is where you can find a smattering of games I've written and designed, as well as proto-development ideas.

Board Games

Christopher St.
This project originally started as a joke for one of my friends, but has turned into a fairly solid game that I think could eventually have more than just fun-value as a topical social commentary game with some light educational elements. OR...it needs a severe retheming. OR...I can leave it as-is, and invite the controversy. TBDstatus: beta

[Consultants Game]
The Consultants game was my first, and best learning experience to-date. It's really hard to put both perfect knowledge and a downward spiral into a game. It may some day be playable andfun, but it's currently on the back burner.status: alpha

Feed the Birds
A game of competitive birdwatching. Feed the birds in order to get the best photos, but watch out for what the grackle leaves behind. status: pre-production

Ghost Pirates
A quick tactical battle between two ghost ships and their scurvy crews.status: ON KICKSTARTER!

Meet Your Mecha
A party game of building robots and shooting your friends. status: beta

[Project: Planet Bugle]
A game of Yellow Press Newspapers manipulating superheroes to induce them into providing the best headline fodder for your paper.status: alpha

Roleplaying Games

Drama on the Lawn
A jeepform game in three acts about a Shakespeare on the Lawn acting troupe. Written for GameChef 2011.status: Game Chef entry finished and submitted, but in the process of re-writing as a finished release.

Last Chance, USA
In the aftermath of nuclear war, A group of wanderers comes together to the remnants of a town where they will try to rebuild. But their newfound community is threatened from within as everyone alive has secrets and no one can fully be trusted. Written for GameChef 2010.status: Game Chef entry finished and submitted, but in the process of re-writing as a more complete release.

This is a mod I put together for the InSpectres RPG, by Memento-Mori Theatricks. It takes the core gameplay of InSpectres and changes it into a great system for running your own Reality TV Gameshow.status: Ashcan freely available. Production version in heavy rewrite.

Where My Clothes?
A game of meta-roleplay about going to conventions and trying not to losing your stuff. status: Ashcan is freely available. Production version coming Summer 2012.

Undeveloped Ideas

Sometimes it's late and you're at a diner with your friends, when the conversation suddenly lulls. Sure you can stammer something awkward, but why not try Coleslawmancy instead? The art of telling fortunes with your friends coleslaw is REVEALED HERE!status: alpha

The Last Lawman
A solitaire game of traversing what remains of the world, cleaning up crime and staying alive.status: alpha

Element Bender
An elemental themed trick taking game, inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender.status: beta

[Tool League]
An auction/set-collection game, currently themed on power tools and building a house. Probably wants a different theme, as it's not quite working with this one.status: alpha

[Tell the Truth]
A pokerface / push your luck / Liar's Dice-type game playable with a deck of cards.status: alpha

Do your demographics research and build a channel schedule. But pay attention to ratings or you'll lose ad sales.

The Haunting
You and your siblings are together once again for your father's funeral and the reading of his will. But something wicked is afoot...

Pub Crawl
You're trying to convince your friends that you know the ideal next bar to go check out. Check out those drink specials, but don't get caught in a sausage fest.

Keep the factory floor moving efficiently. Fast player-sequential card or tile play.

A Nutrition Education trick taking game.
Bid with diet plans, and take tricks to complete a week's meal plan and hope you don't eat too much!

I Shot the Sheriff
A wild west mystery game where you're trying to figure out who the killer is - but don't accuse the wrong person or they might take offense.

Monster Manager
A relatively short form team management game

A push-your-luck game about getting just a few more minutes of sleep...but don't be late for work!