unprofessional creativity

Late Update
I've been keeping snippets of blog posts around for a long time, but most times I never manage to post them. Probably because I want to maybe edit them before they're shown to the world. And as a result, nothing happens because I don't get around to it. That is what it is, but I'm trying to be more fluid in putting things out, and blogging directly into an app-for-that seems like it might work better.

Travel to Hawaii
This trip to Hawaii is the first "real" vacation I've had since 2003. It's really interesting how much I had forgotten about what vacations are like. In a lot of ways, they're more work than work - where you're doing your damndest to not do anything mundane, casual, or even relatively lame. Makes each on-the-fly decision into a serious chore with strong potential consequences, although each is generally very fun. And boy do you have to plan money for these things. I'm probably about $4,000 out of pocket for this vacation, which is enough to require some austerity measures for this holiday season. Luckily, I have already done most of my really important shopping. Today/tonight I'll have to try and get supplies for the lunches I expect to be making as part of this savings binge for the next several weeks/months?

Maybe we'll see just how long I can push a $100/week budget. It certainly would help put my cashflows back on track. I'm still technically paying off the unemployment period, which is getting pricier and pricier to put off, as the end of my 0% credit block is about half finished.

I'm happy to be back though. I get (unsurprisingly?) very little quiet time on vacation, and have to be on an awful lot for most of the time only being with one other person. I'm a little frustrated about how little she seems to understand about how much I need that quiet time to recharge. Stealing snippets on longer car rides had to suffice for the bulk of the trip, but by the time we got to Honolulu, trips were short and usually packed with people. Eegah. And when I'm finally home for the night trying to get some quiet time to myself, I get pounced and now it's much later than I had really hoped. So maybe that's a resolution I need to take on... Find myself a good private quiet space that I can go be in before I go home.

That's a lot of different, kind of rambly topics for one journal entry... But I need the outlet, and the practice doing this writing. So, until next time....